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  4. Now, we meet that conditioning field in different ways. Roadside bioretention systems similar to this project have been implemented throughout Australia. Wait no, the picture above is not a famous Mondrian piece, it was generated by a computer in under a second using a program that I spent an hour and a half writing for fun the other day. NASA’s InSight Mars lander is likely in its final months as its power levels decline, and other missions are facing their own near-death experiences.

  5. English Royal Wedding one in 1982? The rapid industrialisation of the English economy cost many craft workers their jobs. By the end of 2015, says SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell, the company plans to ratchet up production to 40 cores per year. Rarely can you do both together.

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  7. They also have to compete with cordless vacuums, which are fun to whip around and inherently more powerful by design. The need for interoperability arise in scenarios with many contributing actors. The complex and adaptive nature of the Emergency Department (ED) requires space, process and service design that is contextualized to the environment. See the next page to learn more about contemporary design styles.

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